E Cigarettes Child Exposure
Rochester, N.Y. — It’s sometimes called E juice or rock juice. It is the liquid nicotine used in electronic cigarettes. It’s not supposed to be ingested, yet comes in all kinds of flavors like pina colada, which is part of the draw for young teens.

Despite warning labels which say “do not drink and keep out of the reach of children,” chemists at the Monroe County Crime Lab said teens in middle school locally are abusing liquid nicotine and using it to get high.

How dangerous is this? Well, chemist James Wesley said there haven’t been any deaths yet but he said if you ingest high amounts of nicotine, it will kill you.

Wesley told 13 WHAM: “It would be like eating a pack of cigarettes, nicotine is a poison in high amounts.”

You can’t buy liquid nicotine in most smoke shops unless you’re 18, but Wesley said teens are buying it on-line. And in most cases, he said their parents don’t even know what the vial of liquid is, or that it could kill their kids.

Look-ah Hookah smoke shop in Henrietta told us they ID everyone who buys liquid nicotine, but clerk Chris Schramm said he had no idea teens were ingesting this to get high.

He said that is dangerous and not something the store would recommend or allow.

Wesley said it has become like a new street drug on the internet and teens have no idea how deadly this high can be.

via Liquid nicotine: becoming street drug – 13WHAM – Top Stories.

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